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    Default Problem with Forum and Internet Explorer 11?

    Is there some kind of compatibility issue with the Forum and IE11? Something I need to enable? For a week or two now when I try to log on with my laptop I just get the spinning circle and the page NEVER loads....ever. Just noticed it is IE11, don't know what I'm running on my desktop but no troubles there. Internet Explorer works on most other sites, although I have noticed some do have the same problem and never load. I just downloaded Chrome as a work around, although its becoming my go to browser lately. Thanks.

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    Slow loading can have many causes.

    I find E11 is slow if the connection isnít true broadband. In fact, I find many sights are easier to access by removing E11 and installing an older version say E8 or another brand of browser.

    Malware can also bog E down.

    You can test for most malware by starting computer in safe mode. Once in safe, try logging on.

    If itís faster, you probably have malware on board.

    You can buy or download free malware removal software or try to remove it yourself.

    Go to control panel and click on Programs, then click uninstall a program. After the list comes up, look for programs that have unfamiliar publisher and recent install date. Most likely these are the culprits.

    Uninstall these programs.

    Then start-up E and click on internet options. Click on advance tab and checkmark the delete personal settings and then hit the reset button.

    After reset, close E and reboot the computer.

    And as Jackson reminded me, don't forget to clear your cache.



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